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Adventure Hypnosis: Be your own Hero!

Be the hero of your own story in the virtual reality of trance!
Otherkin transformations, furry / anthro, change gender, or just be yourself!

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Hypnosis allows you to live out adventures that are as real as any dream. In that dream state, you can live out any adventure, become anyone you want. You could be yourself, be prettier, stronger, be someone else, or be a mythical creature. Perhaps a catgirl, an elf, a demoness, a superhero. It's up to you!

Be who you want to be  Transformed into a Blue Devil Girl by hypnosis
art by Poser render and K@t

How does it work?
Is this like a Role Playing Game?
What if I want to be an anthropomorphic wolf in a furry universe?
Can I wake up and still be my other self?
Is my transformation trigger going to last forever ?
So what kind of adventures can I have?
So how do I get started?


How does it work?

It generally takes one session to teach someone to get into a deep enough trance to be able to hallucinate, and to set a trance trigger so we can quickly return to trance.

After that, we can start you living out the adventure story of your choice.


Is this like a Role Playing Game?

Actually, it is!

If you're familiar with RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, then you can think of this as the most intense role playing game in the world! As the hypnotist, I'm the Dungeon Master or Game Master. In a normal table top game, a player creates a character sheet that describes his or her character's abilities, appearance, possessions and background. The Game Master tells the player what situation the character is in, describing the place, the people, and what's happening. The player says what his or her character does, the Game Master tells them what then happens, and a story soon develops. The Game Master plays the role of everyone else in that world, and tries to make the story challenging and interesting for the player.

As the hypnotist, I do the same thing. Based on the client's request, I create a story world where the entranced dreamer can have interesting adventures. It's also similar to playing a computer game like World of Warcraft or Everquest. The main difference is, you don't just imagine you're the character or see it on a screen. You ARE the character! You can look down at yourself and see the shining armor. You can touch your pointy elven ears. You can touch the cold walls of the cavern. It feels real. It looks real. You look around and see that fantasy world you're in. And if you want, I can even make you forget ever being anything other than a medieval fantasy elf. You'll remember growing up in a forest city among other elves.

Of course, you'll remember who you really are once the session ends. This is just a dream after all, but one that you will vividly remember. And one that is EXACTLY the way you want it to be.


What if I want to be an anthropomorphic wolf in a furry universe?

Sure! Why not? I have a personal leaning towards elves (ahem), but any kind of Otherkin is welcome to experience their other self in trance reality. The world can be as dark or as fluffy as you want, and there will be a real story to live through, based on your interests. It can be a real looking world, or a cartoonish world. I've even done a black and white "Captain Proton" adventure for someone once. It's a dream. It can be whatever you want it to be.

NB: Otherkin are people who have a strong identification with a species other than human. This can be with animals or with mythical beings, such as dragons, demons, angels, elves, mermaids, dryads, etc. Some just like to pretend, some believe there's some truth to it. Personally, I think the world could use more elves, dragons and magic.


Can I wake up and still be my other self?

Sure. Some people want to experience being their other self on their own at home, without having to have a hypnotist on hand. That's doable, it just takes longer for me to teach you the skill to do it. Generally, it takes about 6 to 10 sessions to teach someone to hallucinate having a different body with their eyes open. For more information, check out the FAQ under "Half Dreaming". In fact, read the whole thing to understand what trance is, and what I can and can't do.

Once I've taught you the skill to do that, you need a post hypnotic trigger to be able to get in and out of your half dreaming transformation. I generally suggest a piece of jewelry for that, something you can put on every time you want to transform, and take off to return to normal.


Is my transformation trigger going to last forever ?

Forever's a really long time. Generally, it takes about three times to make a trigger pretty permanent. The first time I transform you for an eyes open transformation, I expect it to last till you go to sleep. The second time, I expect the effects to last from a few days to a week. The third time, it's generally pretty well set. Theoretically, you could spend your life seeing yourself as an anthro catgirl, a fashion model, etc. Some people can learn to do this. I can't guarantee a permanent effect for everyone.

And of course, you're the only one who sees you that way. It's a hallucination, not true shape shifting. Well, unless you bring me someone else to hypnotize so they'll see you that way too.


So what kind of adventures can I have?

Maybe you want to be a big shot Action Hero. Or maybe you want to redo high school, but be popular this time. I won't judge. Everyone has their fantasies.

If you need ideas, turn on the TV and surf. Go to a video store and look around. Everything you find there can be the basis for an adventure. Well, anything you might see on daytime TV at least. That means if your fantasy is to have the perfect wedding, get pregnant, have a child and nurse your child, you can do that. But when you go into the bedroom with your beloved husband to make babies, there will be a fade-away like in the movies, and the story will continue the next morning. Mothers can nurse babies in public, so that's fine.

There's a good chance I've seen the movie if it's in the following genre: Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Supernatural Mystery and Drama, Fantasy Romance, Action Hero or Superheroes. I'm not big on realistic movies.

In terms of game universes, I'm familiar with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1.0, Shadowrun, EarthDawn, . GURPS, KULT, Deadlands, Call of Cthulhu, In Nomine, Amber, and White Wolf games such as Mage, Changeling, Wraith and Vampire.

To get an idea of what you can request, check out the Adventure Hypnosis Form.


So how do I get started?

I suggest you start by going to the First Session Page and seeing if you can afford this kind of service.

To pay, you'll need either a credit card, or to send a money order by mail (which takes more time).

If that's all good, you should read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Once that's done, return to the First Session Page, and fill out the Adventure Hypnosis Form that's there. I'll answer you and offer you an appointment time!


Up, up, and away!

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