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You will find a charge to SXM Enterprises, Inc. on your credit card statement.

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First sessions are ALWAYS an hour. All prices are in US dollars

Please only send session payments AFTER receiving your appointment date and time from Mind Mistress.

You will receive your appointment offer after filling out the appropriate Trance Request Form. See the first session page for details.


Pay for Session Online Sessions : $60 US/ hour ----- 5 pack: $250 (save $50)
Pay for Session Phone Sessions : $80 US/ hour ----- 5 pack: $350 (save $50)
Pay for Session

In Person Session: 100$ US/ hour ----- 3 pack: $500 (save $100)See note below.

Pay for Session

Group Session: 150$ US/ hour

Pay for Session

Email Coaching Donation $5 US
For those who can't afford sessions, just need guidance and encouragement, or simply want to given thanks for help received. If you want to give more, simply increase the quantity.



Trance Recordings
(self-hypnosis CDs)

PLEASE NOTE! As a therapist, I've become an expert in sexual and gender issues.

A subtantial portion of my clientèle is made up of trangenders, dealing with problems that most of the population can't even imagine could be issues. So most of my recordings are geared towards transwomen, though some are equally useable by women. All but two of them are edited recordings of phone sessions, which I chose to record because they were popular requests. Most of these topics are sexual, because they are dealing with serious gender and sexual issues. The fact that I use humor, often dark humor, does not belittle the issues transwomen have to deal with.


On the other hand, if you're sexually open minded and looking for things to spice up your bedroom, you might find something interesting. To help you choose, I've color coded the CDs according to whether they're usable by men, women, or male to female transgenders. If you click through on a Buy CD button, you will see a very explicit description of the CD, and a briefer one on the Buy mp3 button.

Women for women Transwomenfor transwomen Menfor men

No, I don't have roller derby or sport performance CDs yet. That's a work in progress.
I only make CDs after having proven with a number of people that the method is truly effective.

How Anonymous are the mp3 Downloads?

Completely anonymous! I get no information whatsoever about those who purchase downloads through Lulu. You can pay by Paypal or credit card, and if you fund your Paypal account first, your bank or credit card statement will only show a Paypal transfer. Lulu.com is a reliable print on demand service (to print your own books!) I have been buying books and CDs from for years.

Bonus! You can re-download your purchases at any time, as many times as you like, and there is an audio preview on the Lulu site to hear a sample (just click on the Buy MP3 Download button to visit the product page on Lulu.com for that).

Note: I am adding download versions of CDs almost every day. If it's not there, it will be soon.

How discrete are the envelopes?

Click on the thumbnails of them and have a look!
I use your legal name for mailings, and my legal name when the sender's name is required.

CDs by Regular Air Mail

Express, 5 business days to the US ($20 extra)

PuroPak, 1 business day to US, 3 business days elsewhere ($40 to $60)

Standard Shipping costs: Included in the price, to any destination on Earth.
Plain envelopes: with only my return address, max 4 CDs per envelope.
Delivery time: generally 2 to 3 weeks, but can take up to 6 weeks.
Faster delivery options: see below


Each CD is 50$ US
taxes and regular shipping included (to everywhere in the world)

Your credit card will show a charge to Natural 1 Enterprises
for CD purchases, and Lulu.com for downloads.

CD01 WomenTranswomenMen

CD#1: Trance Training Learn to go deeply into trance. 1 track, 45 minutes

Hint! To hear a sample clip, click on the Buy MP3 button to see the product page, then click on Preview.

Buy Audio CD
CD01 WomenTranswomenMen CD F1: EnTranse Entrainement de transe / French trance training. . 20 tracks, 50 minutes Buy Audio CD
CD02 WomenTranswomen

CD#2: sub-Consciousness Compliance training . 3 tracks, 40 minutes. First part of a long phone session. CD3 contains part 2.

Buy Audio CD
CD03 WomenTranswomen

CD#3: Elegance Femininity training and conditioning. 4 tracks, 70 minutes. Track 2 of this CD set up the trigger words used in many later CDs. It is the keystone for training with CDs. Track 3 can be skipped if only the trigger word training is desired.

Buy Audio CD
CD04 WomenTranswomen

CD#4: Male Charm Creating sexual attraction to males. 14 tracks, 77 minutes. Requires training with Elegance first.

Buy Audio CD
CD05 WomenTranswomen

CD#5: Gemini Freeing the inner bad girl (triggered), releasing inhibitions. 1 track, 64 minutes

Buy Audio CD
CD06 WomenTranswomen

CD#6: Happiness To role play being a sexy "bimbo" for your partner (triggered). 18 tracks, 75 minutes. Requires training with Elegance first.

Buy Audio CD
CD07 WomenTranswomen

CD#7: Youth Breast growth with past life regression to your last 3 female lives. 4 tracks, 60 minutes

Buy Audio CD
CD08 WomenTranswomenMen

CD#8: Smoking Freedom Smoking Freedom, for getting rid of the guilt of smoking. 1 tracks, 35 minutes.

Buy Audio CD
CD09 WomenTranswomen

CD#9: Envy To turn attraction towards men, & away from women. 8 tracks, 53 minutes. Requires training with Elegance first.

Buy Audio CD

CD#10: Vixen To hallucinate being female . 9 tracks, 68 minutes. Requires training with Elegance first.

Buy Audio CD



CD#11: The Corset Diet To easily lose weight and feel more sexy. 4 tracks, 33 minutes

Buy Audio CD

CD12 WomenTranswomen

CD#12: Massage A full body massage and seduction for bi-curious women wishing to become bisexual. 10 tracks, 70 minutes. Requires training with Elegance first.

Buy Audio CD

CD#13: Fempire A fantasy seduction by a female vampire. 4 tracks, 63 minutes. Requires training with Elegance first.

Buy Audio CD


CD14 WomenTranswomen CD#14: Elegance II To become more feminine on a daily basis. 8 tracks, 46 minutes. Requires training with Elegance first. Buy Audio CD
CD15 WomenTranswomen CD#15: Three Icons Female assertiveness and dominance training. 9 tracks, 65 minutes. Training with Elegance first is suggested. Buy Audio CD
CD16 WomenTranswomenMen CD#16: Acceptance Amnesia and receptivity training, booster for use with other CDs. 9 tracks, 60 minutes. Training with Elegance first is suggested. Buy Audio CD
CD17 WomenTranswomenMen CD#17: Spy Baby I Regressing to being an incontinent baby & adventures. 10 tracks, 63 minutes. Buy Audio CD
CD18 WomenTranswomenMen CD#18: Princess To enjoy anal sex (receiving it). 11 tracks, 58 minutes. Buy Audio CD
CD19 WomenTranswomenMen CD#19: Oral To enjoy giving oral sex (on men). 10 tracks, 58 minutes. Buy Audio CD
CD#20: UnCursed A transgender faerie tale of discovering you are really a girl. 9 tracks, 56 minutes. Buy Audio CD
CD21 WomenTranswomen CD#21: Beach Body Reshaping your physical body into the perfect female shape. 8 tracks, 68 minutes Buy Audio CD
CD#22: Memories Converts male memories up to age 12 to their equivalent girl memories. 8 tracks, 47 minutes Buy Audio CD
CD23 WomenTranswomenMen CD#23: Effectiveness Curing procrastination and making housework fun. 13 tracks, 58 minutes Buy Audio CD
CD24 WomenTranswomen CD#24: Schoolgirl Sexy schoolgirl play time personality (triggered). 12 tracks, 71 minutes Buy Audio CD
CD#25: Soft To create impotence . 9 tracks, 56 minutes (uses the long 22 minute induction) Buy Audio CD
CD#26: Sensitive To create an allergy to male clothing. 6 tracks, 42 minutes (uses the long 22 minute induction) Buy Audio CD
CD#27: S-Exchange Adventure leading to to a sex change . 8 tracks, 63 minutes (uses the long 22 minute induction)

Buy Audio CD


CD28 WomenTranswomen

CD#28: S-Exhibition Exhibitionist conditioning. A standalone for women, or sequel to CD27 for transgenders.

10 tracks, 67 minutes

Buy Audio CD
CD29 WomenTranswomen

CD#29: S-Tripper - Hallucinated Adventure & Conditioning to become a lusty stripper for play time. A sequel.
Requires the euphoric trigger set in one among CD06-Princess, 16-Acceptance, 27-S-Exchange, AND the desire trigger set by one among 03-Elegance,18-Princess, 24-Schoolgirl or 28-S-Exhibition for best results.7 tracks, 62 minutes.

Buy Audio CD


CD30 WomenTranswomen CD#30: SpyBaby II - Hallucinated Adventure & Conditioning to become an Adult Baby Girl, for Daywetting and Bedwetting. Sequel to CD17-SpyBaby1, .Requires training with CD17 first. 7 tracks, 58 minutes. Buy Audio CD
CD31 WomenTranswomenMen CD#31: Mind Mistress, The Video - Hypnosis demonstration video of Mind Mistress performing a sexy hypnotic transformation on a lady. Video CD format. Includes a bonus audio track of the radio show where it was filmed. 35 minutes movie. Buy Audio CD
CD#32: Sauna - Straight male to gay male personality transformation conditioning, part of the Gay Pack (4 CDs, see below), to make a man think he's gay. 11 tracks, 60 minutes. Buy Audio CD
CD33 WomenTranswomen CD#33: Choices - No matter what it is you craved to do, but didn't dare to do, Choices will make you do it. 16 tracks, 80 minutes. Buy Audio CD


CD Combos


CD starter kit WomenTranswomen Deep Trance 4CD Starter Kit CDs 1, 2, 3 and 16 for 175$ (save 25$) For the full basic training and to learn very deep trance Buy Audio CD
All CDs  

All CDs for 999$ US Get ALL 33 CDs for the price of 25. Wouldn't you like to HAVE IT ALL, and SAVE a few hundred DOLLARS? Pay only $1249 instead of $1630 (save $381)

Buy Audio CD
CD25-26 WomenTranswomenMen CD#25 &26: Soft & Sensitive Combo buy both CDs together and get 10% off! Soft & Sensitive Combo for $90 Buy Audio CD
S-Trilogy WomenTranswomen

S-Trilogy Combo: CDs 27,28,29 - Good Boy to Bad Girl, sexchanged into a slutty stripper!
CDs 27,28,29 for 125$, a 25$ saving! And think of how much you'll make as stripper!

Buy Audio CD
Spybaby combo WomenTranswomenMen

SpyBaby Combo: CDs 17,30 - Adult Baby Girl Conversion, Daywetting, Nightwetting, Diaper Dependence. Two CDs for $90 (save $10).

Buy Audio CD
gay combo

Gay Pack - The Straight to Gay Hypnosis Combo. Includes CDs 32,16,18,19 for 175$, a 25$ saving, and a full set of training tools to make a man think he's gay.

Buy Audio CD



Replacement CDs 20$ So you've left your CDs in the car, and had the car stolen. Or decided you didn't want them anymore, and threw them in the trash, or turned them into abstract art. Maybe the dog ate them. We will send you replacements of any previously ordered CD for 20$ each. Just specify the original 4 digit order number (or name on your credit card and approximate date of order) and which CDs you want replaced. (DOES NOT APPLY TO DOWNLOADS)

Note: We'll replace for free any faulty CDs or those damaged during shipping.



Fast delivery options

Add any CDs you want to your shopping cart, and then add faster delivery fees if desired.

A Maximum of 4-5 CDs fit in an Express or Priority envelope. Please specify which CDs you want accelerated if you order more than 4, or pay for express/priority more than once. Shipped from the United States.

I give NO GUARANTEES that the shipment will arrive in the selected delay. Regular mailing (at no extra charge)
is supposed to take 7 to 10 days within the US, but 10 to 14 days is a more realistic expectation.
We ship CDs at least once a week, often twice. We try to ship the next day for orders with Fash Shipping.


United States Priority

USA Priority Shipping

2-3 business days delivery


Add Fast Shipping

Canada & Mexico Priority


Canada /Mexico Priority Shipping

5 business days delivery


Add Fast Shipping

United States Express


USA Express
1-2 business days delivery

Requires a destination phone number.
Does not deliver to PO Boxes


Add Fast Shipping


European USPS 3-5 business days delivery
requires a destination phone number
Does not deliver to PO Boxes


Add Fast Shipping


& Asia

AU USPS 3-5 business days delivery
requires a destination phone number
Does not deliver to PO Boxes


Add Fast Shipping

Usefulness of hypnosis CDs and tapes

Trance recordings are extremely useful for reinforcing changes, but much less effective in producing them. No matter how good they are, they just can't adapt to a person's response to hypnosis. An interactive hypnotist is much more effective. A number of people have come to believe they can't be hypnotized, having only tried tapes and CDs. One session to learn trance is generally sufficient to make the CDs very effective.


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