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Hypnosis & NLP
for Therapy & Spirituality

with Linda Demissy
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner,
Certified Hypnotherapist (NGH), Practicing since 1996

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Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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2 For 1 Special for Couples !

Most problems can be resolved
in 2 to 6 sessions

Linda Hypnotist

So how do you want to change today?

Need more confidence in social situations?

Do you keep sabotaging yourself every time you're about to succeed?

You want to do something, but something inside you keeps stopping you?

I don't need to hear your life story to help you change in the ways you want. Nor do I really want to. I practice Brief Therapy, not psycho-analysis.

Derby OwnedLinda Tempting Fate

Roller Derby Discount: First session half priced!

(For members of other leagues. Members of my league get all sessions half off!)


How Can Hypnosis Help Me ?

  • Hypnosis facilitates personal change -- change for the parts of you that prevent you from reaching your goals, change to improve what you already do well, change to acquire the abilities of others...

  • Often, we are limited by judgements we made early in life, about ourselves, other people, and the world around us. These become limiting beliefs, and with the immense power of your unconscious mind, self-fulfilling prophecies.

  • You can either battle your own unconscious mind with conscious use of willpower... or simply give your unconscious new directives to follow.

  • We speak the language of the unconscious. If you want change...

Click here and see what I can do for you!

If you don't, we'll have to send in the ninjas to convince you...