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For Atheists: Inner Advisors
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For Spiritual People: Meeting Your Guides
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Psychic powers? Voodoo curses? Sorcery in the modern world ?
If you think this is all hogwash, I don't blame you. Half the stuff I see on the net has me shaking my head.
All I can say is, after a few decades of practicing spiritual methods, I've seen results that just can't be explained by science.
And whether it's "real" or not, many people find that spiritual beliefs do improve their lives.

If you're not into spirituality, that's fine. Most of my work isn't directly spiritual. But if you're into it, we can talk.

For Atheists: Inner Advisors

You don't need to believe in anything to benefit from this type of session.

You know how there's a little voice inside each of us that encourages us to do stupid stuff that's selfish bad for us? And there's another little voice that encourages us to do the right thing, to go out of your way to be kind? Freud called those the Id and the Superego. The Id is all the animal impulses we try to control (for food, sex, violence, etc.) and the Superego is the internalized set of all the rules your parents taught you while you were growing up. The Superego's job is to make us feel guilty when we break those rules. Basically, you have a part of your unconscious mind that's your parents, and another that's a little brat that wants wants wants all the time! You are the Ego, and the Ego's job is just to make choices.

Some people represent this as a little angel and a little devil sitting on your shoulder. There are no spirits involved, it's just different parts of you that want different things. Part of you wants to work, cause you know you have to. Part of you wants to have fun... cause what's the point of working if you can't have fun? It's normal to have both parts, and it's healthy. But sometimes they get in each other's way. You go to a party, but you feel guilty about chores you haven't done. Or you work, but you can't stop thinking about what you'd rather do. There are ways to mediate this conflict so both sides can get what they want.

In fact, we have a whole bunch of parts inside us! In addition to Work and Fun, most people have a Creative Part, a Sexy Part, a Child part, a Caregiver part, and many more. This is healthy and normal. After all, you really *shouldn't* be the same person in bed with your partner as you are with your co-workers. Otherwise your relationships won't last long! It's not the same as having multiple personalities (which is an extreme version of this), it's just that you have different aspects to you for different situations.

For most people, these parts don't have actual faces. They're just nebulous parts of your Unconscious mind, and you don't get to choose when they inspire you. What we can do with hypnosis is make them into three dimensional characters that you can talk to and get help from.

See what I mean? These are just examples of course, everyone's parts are unique. Creating your Council of Inner Advisors means you can get the inner resources you need WHEN YOU NEED THEM. Useful AND fun! Assume 3 or 4 sessions to get this done, and you'll be set for life!

Archetypes For Everyone

Meeting archetypes is another option. Carl Jung extended the work of Freud by saying that there are archetypes shared by all humans, as part of the collective unconscious, and some that are culture specific: The Mother, The Warrior, The Savior, The Child, The Healer.

Then there are cultural specific minor archetypes. Some are real people, some are fictional characters. It doesn't matter. Einstein is the embodiment of creative genius. Superman is the embodiment of the virtuous champion. Spock is the embodiment of logic.

You can meet with these minor and major archetypes in trance, get advice, and make them part of your Councile of Inner Advisors. Think of it this way: your inner Einstein is made up of everything you believe him to be, from the very best and smartest parts of you. It's not the real Einstein, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that he's real to you.

For Spiritual People: Meeting Your Guides

Okay, now let's assume there are spirits, and by this I mean any being that doesn't have a physical body at the moment. You may believe in some or all of the following, take your pick: God, Jesus, angels, ghosts of dead people, power animals, spirit guides, Pagan gods and goddesses, faeries, nature spirits, etc.

So pick your favorite spiritual being that you want to have a chat with. Can I force them to appear for you and give you a spiritual experience? No, of course not. I highly recommend praying, communing, making an offering, or whatever else you do in your spiritual practice, to ask them if they'd please come and talk to you. That's part 1.

Part 2 is making it EASIER for them to chat with you. That's where I come in. Because spiritual beings talk to us all the time, it's just not always easy for us to hear them. I can make it easier. How?

Well, throughout history, there have been three common ways to get a spiritual experience: dreams, trance, and visions.

Spontaneous visions: are great... if you happen to be St-Paul or Moses. It takes a lot of effort to get through a human's thick skull, and most spirits either don't have that kind of power, or don't want to spend it if it's not absolutely nececessary.

Trance: is the most common method. It's done through meditation, guided meditations, self hypnosis (which is really the same thing as meditation), hypnosis (which is really the same thing as a guided meditation). Doing it on your own takes training and effort. Having someone to guide you makes it a lot easier. That's what I do for you, and I can probably get you to a deeper trance than you can get on your own.

Dreams: This is how spirits generally send messages to us numbskulls who aren't paying attention. They come into our dreams, and our unconscious minds give them a role. And since they're fully aware of what they're doing, they can shape our dream much more easily than we can. The only problem is, we often forget the dream when we wake up. So we have a vague sense of it, and it's stored in our unconscious mind, but it's not ideal.

Deep Trance Is Equivalent To Dreaming

Check out the brainwaves of someone in deep trance, and someone who's dreaming. They're basically the same frequencies. In fact, that's why hypnotized people can hallucinate weird stuff. There's nothing mystical about that: They're just dreaming! Flying elephants are normal if you're dreaming.

So when I use hypnosis to bring you to a deep trance, you're in a dream state, and spirits that you've invited can enter the dream very easily to talk to you. If they want to, of course. And I can't guarantee that you'll get exactly who you asked for. So use common sense, and decide for yourself is the advice they're giving is wise or not. If you have experience with a particular being, you can probably tell if they're the real deal or not. Spiritual relationships are like any other relationships, you have to spend time and effort on them if you want them to work for you. Otherwise, if you just want to grab what you need and go... well... then it's like any other professional relationship. You gotta pay if you wanna get some. There are spirits like that, where you can pay for services rendered. The spirit world is not terribly different from the human world. But there are customs, and it's easy to piss them off if you don't know them. Like, don't offer pork to Allah. Bad move. You have to research them if you want to play with them.

See the review below for an example of how such a session goes.

A Grab Bag of Spiritual Stuff

The Muse

There are many things we can do together, and it's hard to list them all. But basically, the roles I identify with the most in my spiritual practice are those of Muse, Seer, Bard and Teacher. That is, I help inspire people to be the best they can be and to overcome their inner demons. That's what I normally do in therapy sessions. The fact that it's part of my spirituality isn't really important for people to know. I do what needs doing. On the other hand, I can't do it for free. Giving without receiving just means you empty yourself, and my rent does need to be paid. There has to be some exchange.

The Seer

As a Seer, I use intuition and divination to offer guidance in making choices. I sometimes use Tarot, but generally prefer the runes (a Viking divination system). In particular, I like using the Soulmap to do readings. It is a map that represents 17 parts of the self known in the Northern Tradition. To name a few, the Lich is the physical body, the Hame is the spirit body, Ond is the vital breath, Litr is sexual energy and vitality, and Maegen is personal power derived from honorable behavior. There are 12 more, and I use colored stones to make a spiritual diagnostic of the state of each: Normal, Low, Exceptional, Blocked, Wyrd or very very rarely, Missing. Then I draw runes for each position to get an idea of what's going on with it. Soulmap readings are to be done no more than once a year, unless some very major change has occurred. They're meant to point out what's out of whack, what to work on, and where you may have untapped talents. Sometimes, the Powers That Be have stuff they require you to do, and that comes out as well.

Please understand that I don't do fortune telling. I won't tell you if your boyfriend is cheating, or whether you'll inherit a fortune in the coming years. I could do it, but it's pretty pointless. You'll find out when you get there. And even so, fortune telling is just about telling you what will most likely happen if you keep doing what you've been doing. Nothing's set in stone. You could choose to go to Guatemala next week. But chances are, you won't. There are choice nodes along everyone's timeline, and I can read what your most likely choice is. But it's all just reading probabilities. Some people get dragged around by Fate, but they're fairly rare. Most of us have free choice. If we choose to use it.

The real point of divination is to help people make better choices. I don't pull out runes to decide what I should wear for a party. I consult them when I have to make an important decision, and there just isn't enough information to make a rational choice. It's like consulting some sort of sage for advice, one who has a much better idea of the situation and the consequences of my actions. The runes never tell people what to do. They just give warnings and encouragements.

Brief Example:

"There's a girl I'm really into, but I don't know if I should ask her out."
"What are your choices?"
"Well, I can ask her out, or not"
"I need a third choice. What else can you do?"
"I suppose I could join a gym and see if I can meet someone there"
"All right, here's the results: If you ask her out, I see some rocky beginnings, and an issue related to her honor, like dating would be breaking some rule for her. I see about 6 months down the line that it clears up, and you have at least 6 months of a good relationship.
If you don't do anything, I see some self esteem issues popping up, but 2 months down the line, you come to a choice point where you can have a big realization about yourself that changes your life. It's not guaranteed that you figure it out, but I'd say about 70% likely that you do.
If you go to the gym, I see a fling... let me pull some more runes... ah yes, three flings. None of them leading anywhere. And the result... well, releasing tensions is good for your professional life. But your emotional life is kinda flat.
What branch would you like to explore now?"

Notice that none of the choices are clearly superior to the others. You can choose to go into a relationship that is doomed to fail in three months, and where you won't even get lucky. Perhaps there's something you want to get out of it that's worth the pain of the breakup. It's your choice. It's always your choice. Avoiding pain and choosing the easier option is not always the wisest thing to do. We do need some hardships to make our joys more meaningful. So if you courageously choose the harder road, you do so fully aware of what you're doing, and of the price you'll pay.

The Teacher

I can help train in energy work, sensing and seeing auras, intuition, divination, psychic protection, cleansing, banishings, ritual magic, trancework, journeying. Some call it psychic training. I call it magical training. And I like to call it sorcery training, simply because it's fun to call it that way. Yes, you can make things happen by magic. It's not even terribly hard. The limitation to influencing events is that results come in what seems like coincidences. However, after many years of practice, there are so many coincidences that you can't really explain them away. This stuff works. I don't use it much for myself, because there are almost always unintended consequences. Often quite amusing, sometimes disastrous. If you like, think of it as prayer on steroids. That's all a spell really is, after all: you're wishing for something to happen. You just have a technique to increase the chances that it will happen, and you don't necessarily call on a divine being to do the job for you. You can do it yourself. But it's good idea to add a prayer to the spell, so that it not cause any harm. I'm sure you've heard many Genie jokes. It's a bit like that. Just be careful what you wish for.



Spirituality Session Review

Here is a review from one of the women I've assisted with hypnosis.

Hypnosis Session With Linda: A Mind-Body Excursion into The Spiritual Forest by Moonwheel (May 2009)

I went to see Linda with two goals in mind: experiencing hypnosis for the first time and connecting with my spirit guide. I had recently had several dreams in which my spirit guide appeared to me as a grandmother figure, and I was having trouble understanding how to deal with her. I hoped that hypnosis would be a good platform to interact with her. I was also about to embark on a trip to go to work in South America, and I was feeling stressed about the upcoming journey, and hoped that hypnosis would give me clarity related to the trip. Indeed, the session provided me with insights about myself and a feeling of empowerment. Linda helped me deconstruct certain fears that were leading me into certain negative thought patterns, and it was a beneficial process. The experience was fun, emotional, peculiar, mind-expanding, surreal and interesting. Here are some of the highlights of the session.
Upon arrival, Linda and I had a long conversation about Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in which she de-mystified certain concepts for me. She explained to me that being hypnotized, or going into trance, allows the hypnotized person's brainwaves to go into an altered state resembling that of a dream - one that I would remember vividly and had the power to control if necessary. The trance state would be induced by the rhythm and the sonic power of her voice. As a musician, this made a lot of sense to me, because many types of sound - for example, repetitive music and sacred chanting - can certainly trigger physical and emotional reactions in people, so I felt very receptive to her approach. She also mentioned that her technique would be to suggest ideas and choices to me while I was in trance, not to command me to act or feel a certain way. This reassured me that being hypnotized did not mean being whisked away to an energetic place where I would be unconscious and somehow susceptible to some form of negative external control.
She began the hypnosis by leading my body into a trance with the sound of her voice, giving me a trigger word to return easily into trance. She asked what the sensation felt like, and I said it felt like liquid. Using the imagery of fluids, she helped lead different parts of my body into trance state. One of Linda' qualities is that she is a Seer, and she saw that certain parts of my body would not enter into trance. My right knee, my left wrist and my neck were areas that resisted the trance; they were like guardians who were afraid something bad would come of being hypnotized. Speaking to those parts of my body directly, she told them they were responsible for protecting me from harm, and asked if they would allow the trance process to unfold. To my surprise, those parts of my body each responded by moving a little, indicating to her and I that they agreed to continue the trance. I could physically feel energy unblocking in those areas of my body and I felt myself going into a deeper trance, it felt like falling into a deep and wonderfully comfortable well of water in which my body became weightless. She then led me through a few exercises of coming in and out of trance quickly, to help my body become accustomed and aware of the different states. It definitely felt like I was doing spiritual jumping jacks each time I came out of trance and dove back into it when she said the trigger word. In those 'exercises' guided by Linda, I observed that my consciousness could shift quickly from one state to another. I realized I could use the power of trance positively, to calm my body if necessary, and to access the inner strength one finds at one's core. 
Linda then asked me if I was ready to go meet my spirit guide, the grandmother figure. I felt ready. I instantly saw myself on the edge of a forest, dressed in red - it was an amusing fairy tale scene which felt light, but a little scary. She suggested that I start walking on the path towards grandma's house. I began walking, but felt some apprehension, and did not want to go. She asked me why, and I heard myself say clearly, 'too much work'. I realized that the grandmother figure was symbolic of doing a lot of serious, disciplined work, and I was resistant to it. Linda asked what I wanted to do instead, and I immediately said, 'play!' and burst into tears. I was neglecting the joyful, carefree side of myself, in pursuit of rigid goals, and this was what was causing the fear and worry inside me. She was sensitive to this, and said there was someone standing behind me. I turned around, and saw a younger version of myself, dressed in orange, smiling at me. She looked gleeful, and sweet and caring. I hugged the young version of myself and I felt such an immense love in my heart! (Even as I write these words, I feel the same intense sensation: the kind of sadness that turns into utter relief, a raw emotional wound that is slowly healing). I began walking, holding the younger version of myself's hand. It was rather surreal, but it felt right. I agreed to honor the playful side of myself and never cast her away or ignore her. She is valuable and important.
We began to see the outlines of grandma's house, a beautiful wooden cabin. I knock on the door, and my younger counterpart is smiling and laughing, while I am rather serious, yet calm. Then grandma opens the door. She has a long skirt and white blouse, and two long black braids, and peers out at us with her intense gaze. She is an indigenous woman, and in her dark eyes I see many galaxies whirling, and the wisdom of many ages. She leads us inside her house, which is warm and filled with books, art, medicinal plants in jars and cozy armchairs. The three of us sit down on a white carpet, and we hold hands, without speaking. I begin feeling the thoughts of all three of us, a peculiar triangular sensation. While we are together I know we will sing songs, play games, cook together, learn about medicine and hustory and drink tea. I know we will learn a lot from each other and I feel positive about it, as if many good things lie ahead. I do not feel alone, but in the company of spiritual family members who understand and value me. This rare feeling is one that I continue to hold with me, and it comes to mind often.
Linda suggests that I ask grandmother some questions, and I try to, but realize that grandmother will not speak yet, she merely communicates with her presence that she is a wise guardian who cares for me, nothing more for the moment. Perhaps I am not ready, but I have the feeling that there is a lot to look forward to. I feel myself lifting away from the scene in my mind, and all of a sudden I am floating somewhere above grandma's house, I can see an aerial view of the structure, surrounded by green forest. Linda says I am coming out of trance and leads me back into an ordinary state of consciousness. I opened my eyes and felt amazed at what had occurred. I also felt clear, calm, with a sense of relief that I had just spared myself the pain that would have grown and swelled if I had not faced those parts of myself that needed to be cared for.
I am thankful towards Linda for facilitating this useful journey into my subconscious. I feel comforted, inspired and empowered by the hypnosis experience with her. It helped me banish the fear I had of my spirit guide, and embrace the very important child inside me that demands to roam free and have fun, even when there is work to be done.


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