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Money order payment page


Payments can be made directly by Visa, Master Card,or by Money Order

The more I stare, the deeper I go

All prices are in US dollars

Money order payment Instructions:

If you wish to pay by money order instead of by credit card, I need you to fill out this form, so that I have all relevant information when your payment arrives. Little pieces of paper are very easy to lose, so this way I am sure to have all relevant information.

This form can be used for session payments, or for CD payments. You will of course need to actually mail in the money order.

- I prefer Postal Money Orders (Americans have the choice of two kinds of postal money orders -- be sure to pick INTERNATIONAL postal money orders, as they are the only ones that can be cashed outside of the United States -- and I'm in Canada).
- I accept Bank Money orders and MoneyGrams. I do not accept Western Union or checks.
- Some people ask about sending cash in the mail. Personally, I don't mind. But there's a very good chance it will get opened and stolen. It's up to you.

When you mail your money order, make sure to have a note included with: your name, email address, and what you are paying for. All CDs are mailed in plain envelopes, with only your mailing address, and my return address (without my name).

The more I stare, the deeper I go

Money order payment form

Your E-mail Address:
Your Name:

Your Nickname (if applicable)



What is your FULL mailing address?
(Include at the top whatever name you want it addressed to, and please capitalize first letters to make it more readable)

Please include the Country. Somehow, people imagine I should be able to guess that, especially US citizens. I ship all over the world.

Online Chat identity (if any)
Yahoo Instant Messenger ID

(sometimes people give incorrect email addresses, or their mail server blocks my mail... and this is the only way to get in touch with them to correct the problem)

Hypnosis CDs

If purchasing CDs, how many CDs do you want?

Which CDs do you want?
(please list one per line, with number and name, in this format: CD3 - Elegance)

Accelerated shipping fees, if desired (see below for cost by country)

Contact Phone Number (Necessary for fast shipping )

What is the total amount you are sending for CDs ?
(Each CD is 50$ in US funds. Multiply the number of CDs you want by 50$ US, and add any fast shipping fees)

The current list of CDs includes (this list may not be completely up to date)

CD 1 - Trance Training CD15- Three Icons
CD 2 - sub-Consciousness CD16- Acceptance
CD 3 - Elegance CD17- SpyBaby
CD 4 - Male Charm CD18- Princess
CD 5 - Gemini CD19- Oral
CD 6 - Happiness CD20- UnCursed
CD 7- Youth CD21-Beach Body
CD 8 - Freedom CD22-Memories
CD 9 - Envy CD23-Effectiveness
CD10 - Vixen CD24-Schoolgirl
CD11 - Corset Diet CD25-Soft
CD12 - Massage CD26-Sensitive
CD13 - Fempire CD27-S-Exchange
CD14- Elegance II CD28-S-Exhibition


Hypnosis Sessions

Please state the amount you are sending for each type of session or coaching you want:

Online sessions (60$ US for each 1 hour session)
Online session 5-pack ($250 US for 5 online sessions)
Phone session ($80 US for each 1 hour session)
Phone session 5-pack ($350 US for 5 sessions)

Email Coaching (simple coaching is 10$, serious is 20$)
In person session reservation deposit (100$ US, non-refundable)

What is the total amount you are sending for sessions (this section)?

What are you paying with? (Bank money order, Postal money order, Moneygram)

What is the total amount of the Postal or Bank Money order you are sending?

After you send in this form, you will receive the mailing address for your money order by email.


Trance Recordings
(self-hypnosis CDs)

Standard shipping charge everywhere in the world is included and takes 10 to 14 days
Faster delivery options below. CDs are mailed in a plain envelope with only my return address
A maximum of 3 CDs fits in an envelope, so if you buy more than 3 you will get them in separate envelopes.

Fast delivery options

These deliveries are made as packages via standard mail. If you're not at home when the mail is delivered, you will get notice of a package being kept at your local post office.
You can contact Linda for other destinations.

I keep getting "how much does it cost to send to the UK by regular shipping?" It costs 50$ to get a CD in New York City. It costs 50$ for Japan. It costs 50$ for Kimbuktu. Get it? :)

The cost below is for one very large envelope, so you only need to pay once no matter how many CDs you are accelerating.

I give NO GUARANTEES that the shipment will arrive in the selected delay. Regular mailing is supposed to take 7 to 10 days, but 10 to 14 days is a more realistic expectation.
I ship CDs once a week, unless someone requests next day delivery (see below)





Canada Express 3 business days delivery



United States & Mexico


US Express 5 business days delivery

A Maximum of 4 CDs fit in an Express envelope. Please specify which CDs you want sent express if you order more than 4, or pay for express more than once.


US Puropak 1 business day delivery

(Does not deliver to PO Boxes)

A nearly unlimited number of CDs will fit in a puropak envelope


Does not deliver to PO Boxes

Puropak 3 business days delivery


Australia & Asia

Does not deliver to PO Boxes

Puropak 3 business days delivery



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