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Usage Rights to my Songs and Writing

A user's guide to stealing my stuff with style


Okay, so you like some of what I'm saying and want to quote me, or you'd like to repost one of my mp3s. In other words, you wanna steal my stuff for your site.

I don't mind.

Really, imitation is the highest form of flattery and all that. If you like it and want to use it, I'm happy to share it. As long as you do it with respect, that is.


What does respect mean?

Respect means that you acknowlege my authorship, or at least, that I'm the one who went into trance so a spirit would tell me.

It also means that you put a link back to the page where you found it, so people can check out the rest of what I have to say. If it's in print, you can simply write "by Linda Demissy, HypnoticWishes.com". That way they can find me, and you don't need the whole URL.

It also means you don't copy entire pages. If you want entire pages, just put a link to that page.

So If I was stealing parts of this page, for instance, I would put :

Used with permission from Usage Rights to my Songs and Writing, By Linda Demissy.

Or more simply, the quote would be followed by:

By Linda Demissy, quoted with permission.

What does permission mean?

It means you need to ask. Go to my contact page to do that. Unless your website is outrageously insulting to everything I hold dear, I'll probably say, "Cool, go ahead. Give me a link to that page when you're done. Glad you like my work."

Wasn't that easy and painless ? Now, you too can be a thief, but with style! Like Isaac Bonewits likes to say: "Only steal from the best".



Imus ad magum Ozi videndum, magum Ozi mirum mirissimum.

Translation by +Franziska+


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