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Sankofa Lokabrenna Alliance Pledge

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In Sunna’s sight, in Mani’s might,
Sankofa’s kin we ken. / To Loki’s Torch we tend.
A hand we give, where men may see
And none but Gods need know.

To train, to track, the skills we lack,
We have each other’s back.
Lend skill and skulls, support and school
As Gods and dead demand.

To Loki’s torch, mask making go,
That both be seen to glow.
Let slander drown, give good renown,
Our work done without woe

Sankofa shield, and never yield,
By spear and sword so brace.
When strife it flies, our mægens rise,
Together wyrd we face.

By blessed Gods, and goodly dead,
We strive to make it so.
May guidance give, upon our head,
Restoring ancient flow.


On Wodensday February 20, 2013, House Sankofa (which includes Urdabrunnr Kindred and Ironwood Kindred) exchanged gifts with Lokabrenna Kindred, formalizing an alliance of friendship before our gods.

Galina Krasskova, head of House Sankofa wrote the contract for our relations in "legalese" (Hait Vár, goddess of contracts!), while I made a poetic version which is more suited to use in ritual (Hail Saga and Bragi!), the banging of beer mugs on tables and stomping of spears. We thus make our alliance public on our site and on on hers.

The pledge is such that both groups can use it, which is why there are two versions of line 2. "Sankofa’s kin we ken" is the line Lokabrenna uses to affirm our alliance to House Sankofa. "To Loki’s Torch we tend" is the line House Sankofa and its Kindred members can use to affirm their alliance to us.

In Frith,

Linda Demissy
Chieftain and priestess of Lokabrenna Kindred,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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