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People want to hear about themselves more than about anyone else...

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Hypnotizeability Quiz

Public domain, coded by Victoria

Many people wonder: Can I be hypnotized? How easily can I be hypnotized? Am I hypnotizable?

This short 10 question test will tell you how skilled you already are at going into trance and being hypnotized. This test was designed by professional hypnotherapists, and coded by Victoria for Me (see below).

It will help you estimate how much time will be required for you to learn how to go into trance. Of course, this is only an estimate. Only by actually doing it will you find out for sure.

Click here to try the "Can I be hypnotized Quiz"


Forced Feminization Quiz

Designed by Mind Mistress, coded by Victoria

Want to know how feminized you are? Think you've come a long way, baby?
Are you just a small time sissy, or are you a slave to fashion, brainwashed and transsexualized beyond all recognition, so that your own mother would just wonder "who is that skanky slut?"

Here is the test for you, just click here for the Feminization Quiz, and find out your Feminization Quotient! Compare yourself to other sissies, transvestites and transsexuals. Notice how you'll find yourself wishing for a higher score... needing a higher score... craving it... and start taking this test as a list of things to do... Must score higher... Must be more girly... Must score higher... Must be more girly... Yesss...

Note that this test assumes you started as a heterosexual male, and measure how far away from that you've come. If you weren't male to start with, you can still take the test for the fun of it ! Perhaps you *were* male... and just don't remember it anymore... Mouahahaha...

Feminization score:

Feminization Quotient
0% to 9%
Pathetic male
10% to 19%
Potential recruit
20% to29%
Promising Crossdresser
30% to 39%
Sissy in Training
40% to 49%
Confirmed Sissy
50% to 59%
Sissy Cock Tease
60% to 69%
Sissy slave girl
70% to 79%
Feminized Fuck Toy
80% to 89%
Shemale Slut
90% to 99%
Shemale Slut Queen
Transsexual Whore

I will post some comments from test takers who volunteer them here

Coding of these quizzes done by Victoria, Evil Goth Dominatrix in training...


Girl or guy?

These tests are off site, and will open a new window when you click on the link (Links have been checked and fixed as of September 2010)

The Spark Gender Test: Claims "Guys and girls are different in ways only we realize. In fact, without asking about your clothes, grooming, or chest, our Gender Test *will* predict, with 100% accuracy, whether you're a guy or a girl."
Unfortunately, this test requires you get a free log in account to use.

The sex of your brain test : On OkCupid, an excellent free dating and friend meeting site. Registration not required to take the test. NEW!

Sex ID: Find out how your mind works: A 6 part timed test created by experts NEW!


Take the amazing GENDER TEST by clicking here! (the site now requires registration with an email address)

Or the COGIATI (Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory) you can find explanations and other language versions here http://transsexual.org/TEST0.html

Anne Lawrence created the Dysphoric Indicator And Native Assessment of Transsexuality Inventory (DIANATI) in response to the COGIATI. You can also read her review of gender tests on TSRoadmap. NEW!

Using your browser URL history to estimate gender : Find out if your internet browsing is typically male or female! Warning: If you're a female computer geek, it'll probably think you're male. But you can try to alter what you look at on the net, keep checking how it rates you, and see what it's like to surf the web like a lady! NEW!

Or if you like, get yourself hypnotized into being the other gender... and then do the tests!

sarah says: "i read through one of the feminization stories... then noticed a link at the bottom of the story page to a sex test... i took it, and it was 96% sure i was a woman! well the next day, when i had not been to your site in a while, i took it again... and it said i was a man, but i was in the white area, between the blue and pink... so apparently i was pretty close to either way... but it was neat to see how just reading the stories affected the way i thought and acted"


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Mind Mistress

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